Unique Equestrian Show Jackets: Find Your Personal Show Ring Style

The show world is changing and changing fast. Thanks to new rules, color is sweeping across competition arenas, erasing a sea of neutral tones and ushering in a new era of equestrian sport. For those of us who have felt that equestrian tradition didn’t represent our personal show style, our time has come. With an […]

Cherry Bombs

hi everyone! our recipe this week is the perfect grab-and-go snack. like most of our recipes, it’s fairly customizable based on your ingredient preferences, so have fun with them! the inspiration for these cherry bombs was born from many a horse show meal conundrum. we know the struggle to find unprocessed, wholesome, convenience foods with […]

Buddha Bar…it’s what’s for dinner!

We had our very first Buddha bowl about 7 years ago in downtown West Palm at a little counter-service restaurant called Chickpea. The seemingly endless combination of flavors and textures had us hooked and we have been making our own version(s) of Buddha bowls ever since. Why is it called a Buddha bowl?!? Well we […]

chocolate chickpea~nut butter muffins

Who doesn’t love an ooey gooey chocolate chip muffin…and especially one that is guilt free?!? This easy recipe is perfect for when you are craving something sweet but still want it to be healthy. The humble chickpea is an incredibly versatile powerhouse of goodness. We were a bit apprehensive to try them in baked goods, […]