About Us

2013 – a mother and daughter were shopping for horse riding clothes that they could mutually agree upon. Unique riding breeches and jodhpurs that were fun, functional and stylish. Shannon (the Mom) was seeking durable, high quality, affordable fabrics with a classic equestrian clothing look. Daughter Annie wanted fun, bright colors with bold designs that were more fashionable.

8-year-old Annie got out her crayons and sketched what she imagined to be fun designs for various riding shirts and breeches to wear while schooling her beloved pony. Annie’s family thought the designs were rather impressive and voila! In the spirit of American entrepreneurialism, Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel was born!


Soon after the launch of Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel, requests for juniors and ladies sizes came pouring in. Annie’s could not disappoint and debuted their ladies line with their gorgeous Original Blue breeches.

Fast forward to today – As Annie has grown into an accomplished dressage rider, her namesake company has also grown into a highly regarded and popular equestrian lifestyle brand. Work hard and dream big! Thank you for following along on this coming of age journey!