How to Pick a Stylish Equestrian Gift

It’s hard to find a gift for your barn bestie that’s thoughtful, unique, and stylish. At Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel, we pride ourselves on knowing the latest fashion trends. Follow these easy steps to find the right fashion-forward gift for your favorite equestrian. 

Look at the Latest Trends

The dressage fashion world is changing, thanks to recent rule changes that will allow riders to wear colorful show jackets and breeches. Because of this, unique colors are trending for show coats. Emerald green, ruby red, and even rose-colored jackets are making a splash at dressage shows across the United States. 

If you’re shopping for equestrian gift ideas that follow the latest trends, consider getting your friend or family member a beautiful Steel Blue Jacket. Made from tech fabric that maintains the look and feel of fine European suiting, while still being breathable with just enough stretch for comfort and optimum performance, this stunning jacket doesn’t just look good– it feels good, too. Plus, the unique steel blue color will match almost any horse. 

Know Their Personal Style

When shopping for a stylish equestrian gift, it’s crucial to keep your friend’s personal style at the front of your mind. After all, style can be subjective. What may be stylish for one person, may not look good on another. 

Before you start shopping, do some behind the scenes sleuthing. What are their favorite colors? If you’re shopping for an eventer, what are their cross country colors? Can you get them a dressage show coat to match? If you don’t know their favorite color, try shopping for a color that suits their personality. Check out our blog on what colors may suit them best here.

Choose Between Traditional & Trendy

Once you’ve deduced their personal style, you now have to decide: traditional or trendy? Not every equestrian wants to dive into an entirely new and colorful show outfit. If your friend or family member is more traditional, a stylish equestrian gift could be a beautifully made black dressage coat with subtle unique accents. 

For an equestrian who loves the classics, check out our Little Black Dressage Jacket, which we affectionately call our LBD Jacket. Traditional black and white has never been so elegant, thanks to the soft suede contrast trim on the collar, pockets, and vents. And, of course, it features our iconic pearl and crystal buttons. 

Equestrian gift ideas for those who love to keep up with the trends include jewel-tone colors and cutting-edge styles. For an equestrian who loves to stand out, check out our Garnet Jacket. This burgundy jacket exudes luxury like nothing else. Made from our high-tech breathable fabric, this show coat features eye-catching embellishments, like the delicate crystal trim, crisp white piping and back vents, and contrast stitching. 

Shop at Small Businesses

The best equestrian gift ideas are both thoughtful and unique. Whoever you’re shopping for, they deserve more than something off the rack at a run-of-the-mill department store. Shopping at bespoke or small tack shops ensures that your gift will be something few other riders have. Plus, when you support small businesses, you’re supporting a family just like yours. 

Find Equestrian Gift Ideas at Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel

At Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel, we have curated a limited selection of one-of-a-kind luxury equestrian gifts. From crossover clothing to fashion-forward show coats, we specialize in unique styles that follow the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for a new take on a classic look or for something entirely different, you’re sure to find a thoughtful and unique equestrian gift on our online store. 

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