Why Silicone Full Seat Breeches are So Popular

Silicone full seat breeches have been growing in popularity over the last few years with no signs of slowing down. These unique breeches, like our Beyond Breech, have been making the transition from the schooling arena to the show ring with ease. Why are silicone full seat breeches so popular? If you haven’t had the chance to wear and ride in our Beyond Breeches yet, you may be wondering why so many riders have made the switch to silicone. 

Ultimate Comfort

If you’re a rider who wants their breeches to feel just as comfortable as their favorite pair of leggings, then silicone full seat breeches are for you. The silicone dots are flexible and move with your body, whereas traditional leather and suede full seats are bulky and reduce your  freedom of movement. Breeches with leather full seats can bunch underneath you, causing chafing and uncomfortable saddle sores. 

On the other hand, the small dots of silicone scattered throughout the full seat area on our Beyond Breeches don’t cause the fabric to bunch. Instead, these silicone full seat breeches give you all the comfort of tights, but with the added benefit of extra grip in the saddle. As an added bonus, our Beyond Breeches are made from moisture-wicking four-way stretch fabric to really give you the freedom of movement and comfort you deserve in the saddle. 

Performance Grip

Our silicone full seat Beyond Breeches have all the grip of traditional full seat breeches, without the bulk. Traditional full seats require the application of an additional layer of fabric over the breech. This technique creates an additional barrier between you and your horse. As all equestrians know, communication between you and your horse is key. The last thing you want is static when there should be clarity! 

Our Beyond Breeches remove the static, thanks to the application of silicone to our full seat breeches, instead of traditional leather. Applied on top of the high-tech fabric of our Beyond Breech, this combination ensures that you can communicate clearly with your horse, use your seat effectively, and still have all the grip you need. 

Our silicone full seat Beyond Breeches are also able to pull double duty in your wardrobe. These dual purpose pants are right at home in the gym or studio, as well as in the saddle. A traditional leather full seat would prevent you from being comfortable on the spin bike and may even prevent you from stretching all the way into your yoga pose. With the silicone full seat, you’ll find that you’re able to workout comfortably and with full range of motion, no matter what sport you’re practicing. 

Sleek Silhouette

At Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel, we’re all about the marriage of fashion and function. Our silicone full seat Beyond Breech does just that. Because we use silicone instead of leather, our full seat breeches create a sleek, streamlined silhouette. Combined with our technical compression fabric, the Beyond Breech will accentuate any body type. 

Our Beyond Breeches also have unique stylish details that you won’t find in other brands. For example, our silicone full seat pattern features the Annie’s logo in an elegant repeating motif. The faux front pockets and trendy double button closure add the finishing touches to a breech that is both trendy and practical. 

Compare this to traditional full seat breeches, which are well known for giving equestrians a not-so-flattering saggy silhouette, and you’ll quickly find that our Beyond Breech is the clear choice when it comes to fashion, as well as function. 

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