Ponies on both sides of the pond

August is truly going to be a crazy month for me. On top of my already-busy schedule, I have so much to look forward to ~ the European Pony Championships trip with D4K and of course the U.S. Pony Championships! I have been packing, planning, studying, and training for these events to ensure the best possible outcomes. (I’ve had the occasional distraction due to “The Office” binge watching, but overall I’ve done a pretty good job staying on track. ☺)

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve probably seen some posts about the upcoming Dressage4Kids England trip. The European Pony Championships are a pretty big deal. I am so fortunate to be able to see some of THE best ponies in the world firsthand. With the generous help of the Dressage Foundation, and of course, D4K, This dream of mine has become a reality. We will also be talking with Carl Hester and touring some amazing barns. Fingers crossed we could perhaps run into the Queen herself…Charlotte! (sorry Elizabeth)

As for U.S. Nationals, showing FEI Ponies at Lamplight has been a goal for some time. It will be so surreal to live out the moment I have been picturing for so long. The pony division here in the U.S. is finally gaining momentum and there are some fabulous ponies competing this year. I’m really proud to be included in this group! I’ve already talked to some of the other riders in my division whom I’m so excited to meet and I think I’ll make a lot of new friends. I have some amazing people that are helping Gigi and me to do our personal best come show day.

These experiences will be so incredibly beneficial to me and will undoubtably help me to grow as a rider. Inevitably, there will be another blog about both of these experiences after I’ve been through them ☺ Have a great day everybody!

-Annie and Gigi

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