We are not seeking additional sponsored riders at this time

Due to an increased volume of sponsorship requests we have developed this sponsorship application form to help streamline our selection process. The application process should take you at least 10 minutes, and we recommend you fill it out completely in order for us to take your request seriously. A partially filled out application is an indicator that you may not meet our sponsorship standards at this time. Keep in mind that you are competing against hundreds of qualified candidates for a limited number of sponsorships, so consider being thorough and thoughtful in proving why you are the best fit for Annie’s.

Here’s what we are looking for:

FIRST AND FOREMOST, have you purchased or had the opportunity to wear any of our apparel? (a HUGE plus) If so, which items and can you truly attest your undying love and admiration of our brand?!? If you have not yet tried our apparel, please tell us why you’d like to represent Annie’s. (We get a gazillion requests per day, so if you’re just looking for freebies…you can stop here!) Prove to us you are legit!

PERFORMANCE Are you a standout equestrian for your age and or competitive division? Please let us know all the details along with your full name, address and email

REACH Do you have an active social network? Lots of followers? This is a good thing! This shows us you are well liked and are good at marketing yourself which generally is a good indicator that you could be a good ambassador for Annie’s. Please list all of your social media accounts and number of followers. All accounts must be public to be considered.

EXPOSURE Have you received any media exposure? Have you been featured in a magazine, newspaper, website, blog or on TV? Have you ever been featured in an advertisement? Please tell us!

COMPETITIVE RESULTS Are you ranked in your division? Do you have competitive results that you can share?

CURRENT SPONSORS Are you currently sponsored? Be sure to let us know what companies are currently supporting you, but keep in mind that you will be required to wear ONLY Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel while on horse show grounds and in your social media posts! Annie’s will also be the ONLY equestrian apparel company you will represent or promote. We realize there are a lot of great companies out there, but if you can’t comply with this…it’s a definite deal breaker.

INTEGRITY  Are you honest, hardworking and positive! We are a family brand and will not tolerate disrespecting others, crude language or vulgar posts.

COMMITMENT All Annie’s ambassadors are required to regularly communicate with us via social media and with hashtag #anniesusa. Social media prowess will definitely tip the scale in your favor! Please tell us how often you post to your social media accounts.

Please email your completed application responses to:  Thank you for taking the time to apply! In the meantime, feel free to shout us out on social media!